Code Of Ethics

All members are required to abide by our code of ethics.

NAMIR exists to encourage high standards of workmanship and customer care within the musical instrument repair trade.  We aim to facilitate a friendly and helpful networking environment where the free exchange of information is encouraged, and constant learning and professional development is celebrated. 

All members of NAMIR should be committed to the ethos of the organisation and are expected to conduct their business in a professional and ethical manner at all times.  

NAMIR is not a governing body, does not offer qualifications and does not provide endorsements or guarantees on members work. Members must take care to avoid misrepresenting their NAMIR membership in a way which has the possibility of being misleading. 

NAMIR membership is highly regarded and respected by many customers seeking instrument repair services.  As such, any member who fails to adhere to the standards outlined above will be asked to leave the organisation.

shaking hands represent an acceptance of a common code of ethics


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